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Grades 10-12 Class Schedule

These are the login times for each class via Zoom. Teachers will email Zoom links or post the links in their Google Classroom.

Wednesdays will be asynchronous. WINdnesdays (What do I Need?) will allow for students to connect with their teachers during their office hours and/or possibly attend the Academic Cafe.

Students must have teacher-approval before coming to the DCVS campus. These days are subject to change and will be announced.

Grades 10-12 only: The schedule you were given at open house, or will receive, may conflict with an elective you are taking at one of our partner schools, such as band at Dothan High School. Students in grades 10 - 12 may choose which class session to attend in order to accommodate electives.  This does not apply to grades 7-9.

Grades 10-12 Class Schedule